Here is what our clients have to say:

“We retained Canec International in December of 2021 and they introduced us right away to our first target company: we had a virtual meeting with the owner 2 weeks later and another one in January, followed by a factory visit in February. Thanks to Canec’s subsequent facilitation during the negotiation and due diligence phase, always remaining close to the target business owner, helping us overcome some hurdles, we were able to close the transaction mid-June 2022, almost 6 months after the first introduction. Well done Canec! Your professional advice was reactive and precise, and we look forward to working with you on our subsequent transactions in North America.”

Serge Momus

Board member


“After assisting us on 3 external growth transactions in Europe since 2011, we naturally chose Canec International again to accompany us in North America. This transatlantic M&A advisory firm established in 1989 with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Paris, made an exhaustive search of the entire territory according to our criteria and after selecting a short list of targets, it engaged a dialogue with the owners towards a strategic partnership with patience and perseverance. We obtained the benefit of their solid M&A experience in North America and in the food ingredients sector. We are encouraged by this first success in Quebec to continue implementing our international growth strategy, particularly in the USA and Latin America, and of course counting on the Canec team for their support!”

Eric Terré


Solina Group


“To develop our presence in North America and to achieve faster growth, we needed to acquire a local food or nutraceutical ingredients company. We retained CANEC International to assist us and they were able to identify prospective target companies, approach them on our behalf and facilitate ensuing relationships. This efficient process led us to finalize our first US acquisition in less than six months after its identification. Thanks to their industry expertise, international M&A experience and flexible approach, CANEC assisted us on 11 subsequent transactions in North America, Europe and Asia. Needless to say, we look forward to having CANEC continue helping us with our external growth.”

Jacques Dikansky

“Canec International has been a highly efficient and pro-active M&A advisor to the Radiall Group since 2015. They played a vital role in assisting us during all the phases of the transaction, from identifying the target to reaching a successful outcome. Canec also played a value-added role throughout the negotiations and fostering a direct relationship and dialogue with the sellers, which proved to be very valuable. Their 30-year experience in facilitating transatlantic M&A transactions was a key to our success”


P. Gattaz

Chairman of the Executive Board


“CANEC was particularly efficient in managing the sale process and keeping the lines of communication open at all times between us and Dow Corning during that process.”

Jean-Marc Paturle

“Thanks to its knowledge of the industry and its international reach, CANEC International has identified the perfect solution to secure the future of our company. CANEC’s experience in such transactions has undoubtedly been a key factor in reaching a favourable outcome.”

Damien Macrez
Vendée Plastique

“Acquiring a family-owned business in a foreign country can be a difficult and complex process. CANEC International, advisors to Vendée Plastique, has been instrumental in facilitating the transaction.”

Arne Vraalsen

“Thanks to CANEC International we have been able to identify the right company in Europe and to negotiate its acquisition in the best possible conditions. Furthermore, CANEC’s multi-cultural awareness, as well as their local presence, was of constant assistance to us in the due diligence process. We are looking forward to doing business with them again.”

Joseph Carreras
Chairman & CEO
Hilite Industries, Inc.

“Allelix was looking to license technology internationally, but didn’t know how to go about it. Through CANEC International we were able to meet directly with key players in the French pharmaceutical industry which eventually lead to a mutually successful alliance with Fournier Group. CANEC took care of the logistics and assisted us in our negotiations offering us a very personalized service.”

Douglas Froom
VP Corporate Development
Allelix Biopharmaceuticals

“NSE was looking for an acquisition in North America and engaged Canec International for a precise search of target companies, in terms of their size, activities and location. Within 6 months we received a shortlist of 6 companies corresponding to our criteria. Canec accompanied us efficiently in the selection process, the negotiation, the audit, right up to the consummation of the transaction. We are very satisfied with this collaboration that allowed us to grow faster and to gain new markets in North America.”

François Lacoste
NSE Holding

“Speed, confidentiality and the ability to bridge differences are key success factors for a successful acquisition project. CANEC International, advisors to Multibase, has delivered beyond our expectations.”

J-M Gilson, New Ventures Business
General Manager
Dow Corning Corp.

“From the introduction to the final purchase agreement, CANEC played important liaison and facilitation roles when we acquired a French injection molding company. Thanks to their professional input, we were able to close the deal in nine months.”

Eric Ruskoski
Seaquist Closures (Aptar Group)

“CANEC presented us with an exciting acquisition opportunity in the French plastics industry. During the entire transaction process we were impressed by the quality of service that this team of professionals provided to us and to the other party.”

George T. Votis
Chairman & CEO
Moll Industries, Inc.

“Newmerical Technologies International (NTI) has established itself as an international leader in the aerospace sector for in-flight icing simulation. In 2012, while mulling the next step in its strategic plan, it was approached by Canec International to consider partnering with a larger corporation through a merger or an acquisition that would permit it to speed up the expansion of its products and its reach. Canec’s idea was original and very timely, quickly securing NTI’s interest.


In a very coordinated way with NTI, Canec took the time to identify and approach the most appropriate partner among a small group of interested parties, which in fact knew NTI well but had not considered acquiring it until Canec brought it to its attention.


Despite the fact that the deal became more complex than expected and took much longer to complete due to unforeseen circumstances, outside Canec’s control, it managed to maintain the process ongoing and bring it to a just, equitable and altogether excellent end for both parties in the transaction, while keeping NTI and its shareholders’ strategic interests as a top priority.


During the entire process, Canec was heavily involved in the negotiations, in formulating responses, in complex calculations, in all aspects of the due diligence, in phone calls, in web meetings, in face-to-face meetings, and never gave the slightest chance for the process to falter, bringing it to a successful conclusion.


Given its know-how, professionalism, persistence, guidance, negotiating skills and attention to detail that were crucial in NTI’s successful transaction, we strongly recommend Canec for complex M&A advisory mandates.”

Dr. Wagdi G. Habashi

President and CEO, Newmerical Technologies International Inc.

“To be able to offer solutions to our European customers in North America, Lacroix was looking for a partnership with a North American EMS company.


After a first attempt a few years ago where Canec assisted us in identifying US companies as potential strategic partners, we had to stop the process for internal reasons.


We restarted the project a few months ago and had this time identified the US company we wanted to collaborate with. But we still needed to materialize the scope of collaboration and define the deal structure.


We naturally came back to Canec for this undertaking, since they had been following Lacroix during all this period.


Thanks to its multi-cultural awareness, its local presence, industry knowledge and strong negotiating skills, Canec successfully advised us in finalizing the discussions and come to a positive deal.”

Nicolas Bédouin
Lacroix SA

“Canec International was a major factor and asset in helping my partner and I sell our company, AnMar International Ltd. When we decided to sell our company, we did not want to deal with a generalist or blast emails announcing our company was up for sale. For the sale of our company we wanted a targeted approach.


AnMar International Ltd. is a nutraceutical supplier of ingredients. Our intent was to find a merger & acquisition company with a specialty in our marketplace. We did not want to be confused with a vitamin retailer. Additionally, we wanted a company that would be discreet in making our interest of sale known without broad knowledge in our market segment.


We found such a company in Canec International. Canec, knows our industry well, is discreet and managed the sale of our company efficiently and effectively interacting well with AnMar’s partners but also well with the management team of the buyer. Canec was of tremendous help in assisting us in putting together the sale documents. In dealing with any companies of interest, they made sure that the interested party kept the received information confidential, as well as protected the information becoming public knowledge.


We would definitely recommend Canec International Ltd as your investment banker.”

John Blanco & Hongbing Deng


Anmar International


“We would like to highly recommend CANEC International as an advisor to run the process of a corporate divestiture. With its in-depth knowledge of the automotive and plastics industries as well as its transatlantic positioning, CANEC’s team was able to do a great job in attracting European and North American buyers, both strategic and financial players. Furthermore, thanks to a well written information memorandum, a smooth coordination of management presentations, data room and due diligence, they were able to create the sort of ‘deal tension’ that eventually allowed us to finalize our transaction.”

Tom Bouman
Managing Director
Fenway Group SA

“As a leading supplier to the North-American aerospace and defense industry, CPP had a strategic need to establish an industrial foot-print in Europe. Thanks to its active local presence, Canec International was able to identify, initiate and develop a constructive dialogue with the right target company for us. Beyond that, Canec facilitated the relationship, tenaciously guided us through the local red-tape hurdles and judicial procedures and played an active role in the successful closing of the transaction. We wish to continue our collaboration with Canec who has proven to be a pro-active, reliable and efficient M & A advisor.”

Steve Clodfelter
Consolidated Precision Products