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Jocelyn Bertheau

Jocelyn Bertheau

Based in Toronto, Jocelyn Bertheau joined Canec in 1990 to drive its transatlantic practice.

Jocelyn’s main strength is representing French, Dutch, German and other European companies in their North American acquisition and divestiture needs, as well as advising US and Canadian business owners throughout their sale process. He also spearheads the firm’s activities in Latin America and India. He has specific sector expertise in food & beverage ingredients, nutraceutical & cosmetic ingredients, plastics, packaging, and automotive components.

Prior to joining Canec, Jocelyn was an international sales and marketing executive in the chemical and petrochemical industry, expanding the interests of French companies into other European markets.

Jocelyn is a graduate of EPSCI (ESSEC Group), a French international business school, with a term at San Diego State University.

jbertheau @ canec.com