December 31, 2009

Canec Inteational Ltd. is pleased to announce today the closing of the planned merger between its client Naturex and the Ingredients Division of Natraceutical Group.


Yesterday’s Joint General Meeting of Naturex shareholders has voted by a very large majority to approve this transaction. This approval constitutes the final step in the acquisition of the division which will be consolidated within Naturex as of today.

Following the merger, Naturex will become the world leading independent company of natural speciality ingredients.

Moreover, the transaction will further strengthen the group’s production sites (France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Morocco, United States, Brazil and Australia) and give it a more balanced geographical coverage (50{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} in Europe, 34{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} in the United States and 16{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} in Asia and the rest of the world).

As exclusive M&A advisors to Naturex, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated this merger.