4 Janvier 2002

Shingle Springs, Califoia – Naturex, a French producer of natural ingredients for application in the flavoring, food and nutraceutical industries, purchased the assets of Brucia Plant Extracts, a producer of nutraceutical ingredients for US$10 million. Naturex was able to finance this acquisition by raising new equity on the Nouveau Marché in Paris.

The acquisition of Brucia Plant Extracts is a major step in the development of Naturex, whose activities are now split evenly between two main business lines: food processing and nutraceuticals.

Created in 1975 in Shingle Springs, Califoia, Brucia Plant Extracts specializes in producing ingredients for the nutraceutical industry and supplies the largest companies in the US market. The company generates US$7.5 million with 25 employees. Its product range covers over 200 items, all complementary to Naturex. Marketing this range through Naturex's sales team will boost revenues in the US, Europe and Asia. This integration will allow Naturex to expand its product range immediately.

Thanks to this highly accretive acquisition and strong inteal growth, Naturex plans to double its revenues in 2002 to reach approximately US$27 million and to quadruple its net results to over US$1.4 million.

CANEC Inteational originated and facilitated the transaction and acted as advisors to Naturex.