October 24, 2001

Leominster, Mass. – DSM Corporation, based in Heerlen, the Netherlands, and GLS, based in Arlington, Ill., have formed Alliance Alloys as an equal partnership to market news lines of thermoplastic elastomer alloys

These new lines are Versalloy, for commercial applications, and Keltalloy, for industrial and automotive ones. Alliance Alloy's lines offer the low sensory impact and high cosmetic appeal of styrenic TPEs and the enhanced chemical, abrasion, high-temperature and compression set resistance of TPV s. The unique balance of properties combines tactile and cosmetic appeal with durability and longevity, and fulfills previously unmet demands in the consumer market, as well as being applicable to industrial and automotive markets.

The partnership of DSM and GLS enables Alliance Alloys to benefit from each company's market strengths. DSM, a global leader in automotive and industrial markets for thermoplastic elastomers, compliments the leading position GLS occupies in the consumer market. GLS will provide sales support for Alliance Alloys' consumer market, as well as manage commercial matters conceing Versalloy. DSM will provide Alliance Alloys' products to the automotive and industrial markets as Keltalloy.

Alliance Alloys is based in Leominster, Mass, with European operations based in Sittard, the Netherlands. Among its services are global support with manufacturing in North America and Europe, with marketing and technical support in all markets, including Asia. Alliance Alloys offers a full line of elastomeric products, including TPVs, SEBSs, plastomers and copolyester, as well as a comprehensive range of custom alloys.

Among Versalloy's many consumer applications are grips, handles, pads, covers, straps, bindings, mats, boots and bumpers used on personal care products, hand-held electronics, house wares, sporting goods, tools and infant care products. In addition to consumer applications, these alloys, marketed as Keltalloy, are applicable in the industrial and automotive markets.

CANEC Inteational initiated this partnership and acted on behalf of GLS Corp.