ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ Chemie GmbH and SALVONA TECHNOLOGIES LLC today announced a global strategic growth partnership. ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ acquired an important part of the shares of SALVONA TECHNOLOGIES LLC. The agreement was executed on August 31st, 2012.

The partnership will extend the product portfolio of both companies while also strengthening the position and service expertise of each party.

The partnership is in-line with the growth strategy of ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ and its desire to diversify and expand its reach, say Dr. Martin Haberl and Mr. Dietmar Clausen, while focusing on advanced technologies that can benefit a wide range of consumer products. For Salvona, says Dr. Sam Shefer, CEO of SALVONA TECHNOLOGIES LLC, the strategic partnership will allow the company to expand its market and activities with the benefit of ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ worldwide sales network. Additionally, Salvona will be expanding its production in the USA and plans to continue this expansion into Europe.

The combined collaboration will bring further investment into Salvona’s GMP manufacturing capabilities and fully automated, state of the art, delivery systems to meet the growing need for effective and skin friendly dermatological topical solutions. ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ will further strengthen its position in the global market for chemical specialties, particularly in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The move will place SALVONA TECHNOLOGIES LLC as the official representative of ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ specialty products for skin and hair care in the USA.

The technologies of Salvona fit well into the existing business divisions of ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ and may bring new applications in the specialty chemicals businesses.

SALVONA TECHNOLOGIES LLC., privately held, established in 1998, focused on nanotechnology and advanced microspheres delivery systems, as well as, polymeric solutions to bridge technical gaps relating to dermatological and topical skin care applications. The Company has a wide range of patents on the technologies and applications. Products are sold to businesses in the field of dermatology and consumer care in Europe, Asia, South America, and the USA.

ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ, a family owned business founded 1894 with headquarters in Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany develops and produces high performance chemical auxiliaries for the leather and fur, ceramic, textile and fiber industries as well as for cosmetics and cleaning applications and phosphonates. State of the art research & development and technical service centers are pursued among others in Germany, Italy and the USA, sales centers are located in the main world markets.

As M&A advisors to Zschimmer & Schwarz, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated this transaction.

Naturex acquires DECAS Botanical Synergies

NATUREX, world leader in specialty plant-based ingredients, announces the acquisition of DECAS Botanical Synergies, an American company located in Massachusetts, leader in Cranberry extracts and powders for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

This acquisition, the fourth one carried out by NATUREX since the capital increase in October 2011, fits with the Group’s strategy to accelerate its development in dynamic markets and expand its range of innovative ingredients with high value-added, bearers of synergies.

The global leader in Cranberry extracts and powders

For many years now, DECAS Botanical Synergies has benefitted from a great deal of expertise in developing, formulating and marketing Cranberry extracts and powders.

Indeed, the Cranberry is a plant for which the commercial culture is substantial in the United States (primarily in Wisconsin and Massachusetts) and in a few provinces of Canada. Cranberry fruit is recognised for its therapeutic qualities, for its action against urinary infections thanks to the A-type proanthocyanidin that it contains, as well as for its antioxidant properties.

Backed with its scientific and technical know-how, the Company has been able to create substantial loyalty with its well-known customers in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets in the United States (65{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} of sales) as well as in Europe (30{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd}) and in the Asia/Pacific region (5{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd}), through an impressive portfolio of cranberry nutraceuticals with clinical support.

Increasing technical solutions and value-added offerings for customers

The completion of this acquisition provides NATUREX with the opportunity to expand its range to very high quality natural ingredients with a strong scientific potential (health claims, clinical trials…) and also allows it to strengthen its leadership in the segment of natural ingredients bound for the nutraceutical industry.

DECAS Botanical Synergies (DBS) will benefit from the worldwide geographic network formed by NATUREX’s sales force as well as the Group’s marketing know-how in order to maximise the commercial sales synergies and diversify the customer base.

In addition, NATUREX’s scientific expertise in terms of Research & Development and Quality Control will foster DBS to develop new innovative solutions with high value-added.

We are proud of this fourth acquisition which supplements our cycle of exteal growth that was initiated in October 2011 and we are delighted to welcome the DECAS Botanical Synergies team into our Group. This operation allows us to become the leader in Cranberry extracts and is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our position in the development and sales of technical solutions with high-value added offerings for our customers” declared Thierry LAMBERT, the Group’s Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer.

Doug KLAIBER, CEO of DECAS Botanical Synergies, added: “We are very pleased to join NATUREX Group and we look forward to playing an active role in this new organisation. The expertise of NATUREX’s scientific teams combined with the strength of its sales network will allow us to accelerate the development of our innovative and clinically substantiated product range, through a differentiating offering and to boost sales with a diversified customer base.”

As exclusive M&A advisors to Naturex, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated the transaction.

NATUREX gains a foothold in India: Acquisition of VALENTINE

NATUREX, world leader in specialty plant-based ingredients, announces the acquisition of VALENTINE, an Indian company specialised in the production of fruit and vegetable powders and natural colours for the food industry.

This third acquisition, since the capital increase in October 2011, once again fits with NATUREX’s strategy of acceleration of its development by targeting dynamic markets with high potential for growth and that provide synergies for the Group.

A dynamic player in an Indian market with high growth potential

VALENTINE has two production sites located near Mumbai and is among the main Indian players in the fruit and vegetable powders and natural colours market.

Thanks to its expertise in formulation and spray drying processes, VALENTINE has been able to win over the years the loyalty of a high-quality clientele within the Indian food industry, comprised of local companies as well as subsidiaries of multinationals.

VALENTINE, which has had a growth rate of 30{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} per year over the last two years, employs about fifty people.

This acquisition constitutes a strategic point of entry in a country with 1.2 billion inhabitants and for which the GDP per inhabitant of 3,700 USD helps it rank as the number 4 economy in the world1. In addition, the substantial development of a young and urban middle class for which the consumption codes are largely influenced by weste culture, represents genuine opportunities for growth in the Indian food industry.

A strategic commercial and industrial presence in Asia and a centralised sourcing model

Carrying out this operation offers major strategic advantages to NATUREX, allowing it:

    • to become a local producer in India in order to strengthen its penetration in a market enjoying high growth, as the image of the local producer is an important factor of success in NATUREX’s business. This first industrial setup in Asia will supplement the Group’s regional production centres in Europe and in the Americas, in particular for natural colours;
    • to ensure promotion for all of the Group’s product ranges while benefiting from the existing commercial structure and to develop close relations with the Indian food industry.


At the same time, NATUREX sets up a purchasing office, like the one created in China a few years ago, in order to better benefit from the wealth of the country’s raw materials (herbs, spices, plant extracts, etc.) at the scale of the Group.

This acquisition provides us not only with a dynamic commercial presence in India but also allows us to become a producer in this country in order to best respond to the local issues that our clients face”, declares Jacques DIKANSKY, President and CEO and founder of NATUREX. “The tremendous growth potential of VALENTINE in a market enjoying high growth, combined with NATUREX’s technical and scientific expertise will allow for a fast integration of this acquisition and create value for our shareholders.”

About Naturex

NATUREX is a global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients.

The Group is organised around three strategic markets (food & beverage, nutrition & health and personal care) and produces and markets specialty plant-based ingredients for the food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

NATUREX’s head office is based in Avignon, France. The company employs more than 1,000 people with high-performance manufacturing operations across 14 sites in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland), as well as in Morocco, the United States, Brazil and Australia. It also has a global presence through a dedicated network of sales offices in 19 countries (France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, U.A.E., Thailand, Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico).

NATUREX’s development is supported by positive underlying trends linked to a fast-growing demand for natural products and its capacity to provide manufacturers customised solutions to meet the requirements of their end consumers. The Group’s strength lies in its positioning with specific products which constitute niche markets, supported by strong sourcing capacity and sustained research & development.


Valentine is comprised of Valentine Agro Ltd and Valentine Foods Ltd. This Indian company was created in 1994 and is specialised in the production of natural colours (annatto turmeric, etc.) and fruit and vegetable powders (tomato, beet, etc.)Valentine has two plants located near Mumbai. www.valagro.in

As exclusive M&A advisors to Naturex, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated the transaction.

NATUREX announces the acquisition of PEKTOWIN

NATUREX, the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients, announces it has reached an agreement with the Polish Industrial Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A – ARP), to acquire 100{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} of the capital of ZPOW PEKTOWIN SA (PEKTOWIN), a Polish company based in Jaslo (South-East of the country), specialized in the production of apple and citrus pectins, fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and, for a smaller proportion, the preparation of processed food products.

The full completion of this acquisition is subject to the final agreement of the Polish Ministry of the Treasury which should confirm the privatization of PEKTOWIN by the end of January 2012.

This second acquisition of the year (purchase of BURGUNDY Botanical Extracts on 24 October 2011) fits in perfectly with the Group’s strategy to accelerate its inteational development, expand its product range and strengthen its industrial presence, particularly in emerging countries.

Strengthened industrial capabilities in pectins

PEKTOWIN benefits from a high-capacity industrial tool dedicated to the production of apple and citrus pectins and located at the heart of one of the major region of raw materials used for the production of apple pectins.

Since the acquisition in December 2009 of the Ingredients division of Natraceutical, NATUREX is one of the seven manufacturers of pectins worldwide, with its plant located in Bischofszell (Switzerland). Integrating PEKTOWIN within its scope will enable NATUREX, not only to strengthen its manufacturing base in pectins, but also to benefit from a significant scalability in order to best meet customer needs.

A new industrial base in juice concentrates and a local sourcing

The acquisition of PEKTOWIN also represents an opportunity for NATUREX to gain a new production capacity in the field of juice concentrates. Indeed, PEKTOWIN is one of the main Polish producers of fruit (mainly apples) and vegetable (especially red beets and black radishes) juice concentrates, and produces over 6,000 tons of concentrates each year.

This industrial tool will enable NATUREX to broaden its product range to fruit and vegetable juice concentrates in order, on one hand, to supply its factories in Switzerland, specialized in fruit and vegetable powders from concentrates, on the other hand, to feed its new range of colours, Vegebrite™ (new offering of “colouring Foodstuffs”1), and lastly to offer its customers, a complete range of fruit and vegetable juice concentrates.

In addition, NATUREX will benefit from a high quality sourcing from local producers, in a wealthy agricultural area in fruit and vegetable crops.

A commercial presence reinforced in Easte Europe

PEKTOWIN achieves one third of its sales in Poland and two thirds in Russia as well as in other countries of Easte Europe. Thereby, NATUREX significantly strengthens its commercial presence in Easte Europe, allowing it to create several synergies. In addition to this acquisition, a sales office in Warsaw will be opened in order to support the assistance to clients and prospects as well as the promotion of other ingredients of the Group, locally.

«This new acquisition is perfectly in line with our growth strategy in complementary markets with a broadened product portfolio, a strengthened production capacity as well as an additional industrial know-how », commented Jacques Dikansky, President and CEO of NATUREX.

« We are confident in our ability to integrate PEKTOWIN within NATUREX Group, enhancing its industrial tools and products to our inteational customers thanks to the dynamism of our global sales network, and our technical and scientific expertise. »

Additional information on the terms of this acquisition will be announced at the closing of the transaction.

As exclusive M&A advisors to Naturex, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated the transaction. 

NATUREX announces the acquisition of BURGUNDY Botanical Extracts

NATUREX, the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients, informs shareholders of the acquisition BURGUNDY Botanical Extracts, a French manufacturer and supplier of plant extracts for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Consideration for this acquisition was paid in cash according to an enterprise value based on a multiple of 1.2 times sales (€14 million over the last twelve months).

BURGUNDY will be consolidated by NATUREX Group in its financial statements as of 1 October 2011.

A European player in natural chemicals.

With twelve years of expertise in botanical extracts, combined with a solid knowledge of medicinal plants and phytochemistry / biochemistry, BURGUNDY is among the European leaders in this market.

BURGUNDY employs around 60 people at its two production sites based in France (Reyssouze – Department of Ain) and Spain (Palafolls) with significant capacity for extraction, purification and drying operations.

BURGUNDY has three major markets and a service activity that had total revenue of €13 million in 2010In addition, BURGUNDY products are distributed in 35 countries on five continents to a diverse customer base that includes major global pharmaceutical companies and key names in the cosmetics and nutraceutical (medicinal food supplements) industries.

A strengthened manufacturing base and an expanded commercial offering.

BURGUNDY’s addition to the Group will strengthen NATUREX’s industrial base and ability to meet customer needs by developing expertise in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and personal care markets through its complementary product portfolio (active substance master files, new botanical extracts, active ingredients).

BURGUNDY will in tu benefit from NATUREX’s industrial and technological expertise in sourcing raw materials, product innovation and the strength of its sales network to maximise synergies and grow its customer base in developed and emerging countries.“This acquisition fits perfectly with NATUREX’s strategy for pursuing growth in its different markets. It is an excellent development opportunity in terms of both manufacturing capacity and commercial positioning”, commented Jacques Dikansky, NATUREX’s Chairman-CEO and founder.

“With our successful track record in integrating companies and the promising potential for synergies and cross-selling from this merger, we are confident in our ability to generate sustainable profitable growth, creating value for our customers, employees and investors.”

Christophe Magnin, Chairman of BURGUNDY added: “Combining the forces of BURGUNDY will contribute to developing the industrial and scientific strengths of both these two entities. NATUREX’s proactive commercial network will promote greater customer proximity and enhance service quality.”

As exclusive M&A advisors to Naturex, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated the transaction. 

Savena Group, the French ingredient manufacturer, has acquired the Swedish food ingredient producer Formidabel I Malmö AB

Formidabel AB was founded in 1994 by Kent Liljeholm and Bengt Johansson. It operates a mode and well equipped 6,500 m2 factory in Malmö, and produces more than 4,500 MT of functional and seasoning blends for the food industry in Sweden. Formidabel AB operates under the highest quality demands, and is certified in accordance with inteational quality standards, employs 40 coworkers, and generates more than 12 million euro tuover.

Savena Group elaborates and produces ingredient-based functional and culinary solutions for the food industry. It was founded in 1988 by its current CEO Eric Terré. The company is structured around four business areas: taste solutions (aromatic ingredients), meat solutions (functional ingredients), nutrition (dietetic ingredients) and food service. Savena Group operates four production sites, employs 265 coworkers and serves 4,000 customers in the food industry (readymade meals and sauce producers, meat processors and catering firms).

In the current financial year, the consolidated revenues of the Savena Group are expected to reach 90 million euro in 2011. Half of Savena’s business is generated in France, the balance coming from Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, Easte Europe and Italy. Asian and Russian commercial operations generate promising results.

“Formidabel has a high growth potential due to its innovation capabilities, introduction of new products and extension of its commercial presence in the Nordic countries. The strategy is to expand Savena’s local presence through the merger of our existing team in Denmark with Formidabel’s organization and combine the advantages of Savena’s products portfolio with a mode and efficient factory which will allow us to be closer to our customers. We are very excited to work alongside a management team with such a successful growth track record, and look forward to share our experience in the food industry in Scandinavia with them” says Eric Terré, Savena’s CEO.

“With its credentials in the food industry and presence in Europe, Savena is the perfect partner for us. Savena has a track record of successful expansion and together we can accelerate our development plan, as well as offer our customers a broader portfolio and guaranty a stronger presence on a long term basis”, says Kent Liljeholm, Formidabel’s CEO.

In recent years Savena has successfully increased its growth by more than 15 percent per year from 2008 to 2011, and will continue managing both its inteal growth and development through strategic acquisitions.

Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated the transaction, acting as exclusive M&A advisor to Savena.

Ceva Santé Animale acquires CentaurVA Animal Health and continues to expand its North American operations with entry into Canada

Canec Inteational Ltd. is pleased to announce that its client, Ceva Santé Animale has acquired CentaurVA Animal health, a division of Centaur Pharmaceuticals Inc.

This acquisition further expands Ceva’s footprint in North America. Centaur’s broad range of products, including nutraceuticals, joint therapies and infection-control products, along with an experienced staff will provide Ceva with an excellent base for its expansion in the Canadian market.

Ceva is a global veterinary health company focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for pets, livestock, swine and poultry. Its headquarters are in Liboue, France. CentaurVA, located in Guelph, Ontario manufactures and distributes products for small and large animal veterinary practitioners.

As M&A advisors to Ceva, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated the transaction.

Zenitech acquired by Charles Tennant

TC USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Charles Tennant & Company (Canada) Ltd, a division of the UK based Tennant Group of Companies, announces the aquisition of the US specialty polymer supplier, Zenitech, LLC. The aquisition is a continuation of Charles Tennant Ltd‘s strategic initiatives in developing new and innovative ingredients for the Personal Care, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Zenitech provides the global Pesonal Care & Cosmetic markets with patented, multi-dimensional, and specialty polymers derived from natural based intermediates.  Such products improve the moisturization, conditioning, glossing, and film forming properties of cosmetic and beauty care formulations.

“Now, we will have an even wider offering of functional and highly innovative products and services for our customers worldwide, widening our portfolio of fine chemicals, customer commitment, and global resources for the Beauty Care market, ” added Robert MacPhail, CEO and President of Charles Tennant & Company.

Canec Inteational was the exclusive M&A adviser to Zenitech.

Groupe NSE / NSE Aero North America and Automatech Industrielle Inc. establish a strategic partnership

Canec Inteational Ltd. is pleased to announce today that its client, NSE Aero North America, a Canadian subsidiary of NSE group in France (700 employees in electronics, computers, and aerospace) and headed by Francois Lacoste, has made a significant investment in Automatech Industrielle Inc.

NSE Aero North America, specialized in wire haesses, aircraft maintenance and the integration of electronic systems, has seen clear complementarities with the know-how of Automatech Industrielle Inc., which is focused on high precision machining, in particular for the aerospace industry. 

NSE–AUTOMATECH, a Canadian corporation, will merge all these activities to offer customers in the aerospace, defense, medical and mechanical industries a fully integrated service, from conception to finished and tested product. Responding to market needs, this will further improve the competitiveness of delivered products.

NSE-AUTOMATECH will have a workforce of nearly 100 employees and both current plants of Saint-Laurent and Granby will be maintained.

As M&A advisors to NSE Group, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated the transaction and its financing.

Naturex Shareholders Approve Planned Merger of Natraceutical Group’s Ingredients Division

Canec Inteational Ltd. is pleased to announce today the closing of the planned merger between its client Naturex and the Ingredients Division of Natraceutical Group.


Yesterday’s Joint General Meeting of Naturex shareholders has voted by a very large majority to approve this transaction. This approval constitutes the final step in the acquisition of the division which will be consolidated within Naturex as of today.

Following the merger, Naturex will become the world leading independent company of natural speciality ingredients.

Moreover, the transaction will further strengthen the group’s production sites (France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Morocco, United States, Brazil and Australia) and give it a more balanced geographical coverage (50{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} in Europe, 34{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} in the United States and 16{fed1cb9cadadc7ad93f4a1e5499ba3581105cf44f475991d37411cbe777fdebd} in Asia and the rest of the world).

As exclusive M&A advisors to Naturex, Canec Inteational initiated and facilitated this merger.