About Us

Canec helps mid-market companies through the international acquisition or divestiture process.

We identify and approach the best fitting companies, analyze and qualify offers, and guide complex negotiations through to a successful transaction. Our results-oriented executives are trusted, independent and experienced advisors to our clients.

Why Work with Canec

Canec has a solid and long-standing track record of successful transactions since 1989.

Having successfully completed many acquisition and divestiture projects in various countries, we are familiar with multiple business sectors and their macroeconomic rationales and cultural characteristics. Our efficient and proven transaction methodology leads to successful conclusions.

  • Our multi-industry experience and careful step-by-step methodology will ensure a successful deal with the right international match.
  • Our cross-cultural expertise and knowledge of both economic and non-economic conditions will drive the negotiations.
  • Our seasoned and efficient M&A team will assist in closing the deal with the best possible terms.
  • Our “solution provider” approach goes well beyond following a simple process: we help find solutions to overcome the various hurdles encountered in any transaction.

Our specializations

Canec is based in Toronto, Montreal and Paris, and has developed privileged relationships with other M&A firms in various countries. We specialize in mergers and acquisitions in the following B2B sectors:

Aerospace, Animal health & nutrition, Automotive, Electronic Manufacturing Services, Food & beverage ingredients, Metals, Nutraceuticals & Cosmetics ingredients, Packaging, Plastics, Specialty Chemicals

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