The Canec Process

The Canec process is the cornerstone of our clients’ success in acquiring or selling companies on the international stage. Our process is built on five pillars:

  • Cross-cultural awareness and expertise. Canec’s executives have lived in both North America and Europe and speak at least two languages. We have offices in Toronto, Montreal and Paris and have developed privileged relationships with other M&A firms in various countries. We regularly work in tandem to ensure our clients reach their goals more efficiently.
  • Industry expertise, network and databases. With extensive experience in many B2B industries, our executives have the resources to help our clients navigate their desired market by talking to the right people and making the right decisions.
  • M&A knowledge and experience. Each of our executives brings over fifteen years of experience in the international and cross-border M&A field.
  • Efficient buy and sell-side execution. Our operations are streamlined to provide the most efficient methodology possible. We share our clients’ goals: to be successful on the international stage.
  • Solution provider. We help find solutions to overcome the various hurdles encountered in any transaction.

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