Buy Side Process

When clients wish to acquire an overseas or cross-border company, they rely on Canec’s proven process to get the best results

Our clients value our efficient, step-by-step methodology, which includes:

The Approach

  • Leveraging our extensive industry databases and networks to help clients fine-tune their acquisition criteria and identify targets.
  • Providing clients with a carefully researched long list of target profiles, and assisting clients in developing a shortlist of ideal matches.
  • Approaching owners of shortlisted companies on an anonymous basis to collect further information
  • Facilitating both introductory meetings with desired targets and subsequent follow-up.

The Negotiations

  • Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements and other necessary documentation.
  • Anticipating potential issues by staying in close touch with the target’s owners.
  • Assisting clients through the valuation of the target, the structuring of a potential deal and negotiation phases.

The Closing

  • Continuing the momentum by helping draft formal preliminary offers and letters of intent.
  • Coordinating our clients’ other technical experts (lawyers, accountants, bankers, etc.) during due diligence.
  • Providing advice until the conclusion of the transaction, and assisting in the closing.

"Canec presented us with an exciting acquisition opportunity in the French plastics industry. During the entire transaction process we were impressed by the quality of service that this team of professionals provided to us and to the other party."

George T. Votis
Chairman & CEO
Moll Industries, Inc.