Going International

Our clients have many reasons to look abroad when buying or selling a company

Those acquiring or merging abroad may wish to obtain an existing local platform to jumpstart their market entry, and offer their foreign customers a more competitive and efficient service. Broadening product portfolios or accessing new technologies and formulations could also drive overseas M&A.

Those exiting a business may wish to sell to a foreign buyer to obtain an ‘international premium’ for their company thanks to the buyer’s higher strategic interest, and to insure better continuity for their employees and stronger growth for their company via new markets and products provided by the buyer.

Going overseas/cross-border

North America and the European Union are two of the largest and most diverse markets in the world. A well thought-out M&A strategy is the best way to access either one of these lucrative markets.

We have offices in Toronto, Montreal and Paris. If a project involves an overseas endeavor, Canec executives on both sides of the Atlantic work in concert to ensure our client receives the guidance and continuity they need for success.

Europeans expanding into North America

The American and Canadian markets are large, diverse and attractive from a market and technology perspective.

The business culture tends to be straightforward and rewarding for bold strategists, but it can present challenges to those used to operating only in Europe.

Canec researches promising companies that may be open to mergers, and our experience of over 20 years enables our client’s smooth entry into the North American market.

North Americans expanding into Europe

Western Europe is a true mosaic of cultures and languages, often at the forefront of innovation and design.

With successful, on-the-ground experience in most of its larger markets, Canec will be your guide in finding the best solution in Europe.

Canec has successfully initiated and facilitated transactions in various European countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland; we are therefore very familiar with European business practices, negotiation styles and regulations.

For companies seeking cross-border transactions

Many clients look for cross-border rather than overseas expansion and seek an acquisition within Europe or North America.

Canec has facilitated several divestitures and acquisitions between European companies and assisted American and Canadian companies in merging as well.

Thanks to our industry expertise, connections and proven methodology, Canec is a trusted and experienced cross-border advisor.

"Thanks to CANEC International we have been able to identify the right company in Europe and to negotiate its acquisition in the best possible conditions. Furthermore, CANEC's multi-cultural awareness, as well as their local presence, was of constant assistance to us in the due diligence process. We are looking forward to doing business with them again."

Joseph Carreras
Chairman & CEO
Hilite Industries, Inc.

"Canec was particularly efficient in managing the sale process and keeping the lines of communication open between us and Dow Corning throughout every phase of the project."

Jean-Marc Paturle